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Our programmes begin with a FREE 5 Day Challenge. We will be opening registration for our next groups mid-January 2020.


Thrive Coach

We are growing!  If you are in the health and fitness sector, have a passion for people, are great at building relationships and are looking to offer an additional service to your clients, this could be the programme for you. 

 you are back and forward to  diet clubs

you crave long lasting improvements to your health well-being

 hormone changes are wreaking havoc with your best efforts

You want to start putting YOU first!


Mental Health

We are totally passionate about mindset health and it is our firm belief that changing the way that we approach our overall health and wellbeing is long overdue. 

For too long, so many people have been hard wired into to believing that the usual mainstream diet clubs are the only option, despite years of yo-yo dieting and failed attempts to become healthier.  This cycle is not only harmful to our physical well-being but our mental well-being too as it develops poor habits and relationships with food and with ourselves. 

Statistics show that 1 in 4 adults in England have been diagnosed with mental illness, whilst 1 in 5 report experiencing mental health issues without being diagnosed.  Our programmes are a great way for you to invest in your mind and body health, and we are proud to support the Public Health campaign Every Mind Matters. If you are struggling to cope at the moment, please reach out for support.  Talking to some about how you are feeling can really help, talk to your GP or follow the links below if you do have any immediate concerns about your own or a family member or friends mental health.  










I cannot express how life changing this programme has been for me! I've done countless programmes in the past but could never quite nail my mindset. With Thrive it finally clicked, and now literally everything is improving, from my mood and relationships to having even more motivation for my fitness and nutrition. Thank you Clare and Lisa for this absolute game changer.


Thrive has helped me to identify how to live my best life. I will pull on all the aspects of the programme going forward. The simple truth is if you want change, you must change things up. Doing the same things knowing they don’t work or serve you and expecting different results is no way to Thrive. This programme is the “One Stop Shop” to allow you to thrive in life. It’s not complicated or faddy. It is just super simple on nutrition, mindset and activity. I absolutely loved it. The weeks flew by. I have the tools for how to thrive now and got to connect with some lovely ladies all in the same boat, the support is amazing! I simply can’t recommend the programme enough. Seeing the change in all of us in the programme was such a joy. Invest in yourself and sign up, it will be the best thing you will do.


This program is a game changer. Completely changed my whole outlook on myself, my beliefs and my complete well-being. Clare Mannion and Lisa Terry Rankin are incredible coaches / mentors... they give you all the strategies, tools, knowledge and tips to Thrive and live your best life...To be the very best version of you.
My biggest lightbulb moment was realising that very high levels of cortisol, in my body, was affecting me physically, mentally and emotionally, and that is down to the Thrive program.

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