Our Story


My journey will probably sound familiar to you! Back in my early twenties, I was teaching lots of different fitness classes so I was pretty fit.  At the time I thought that my diet was fine, Branflakes for breakfast, a sandwich from M & S and packet of crisps at lunch and whatever Mum made for dinner that night. I was a decent dress size so happy enough at that stage, then along came my two children and this is THE time that you fall to the bottom of the pile. You are no longer the priority, you have to put everyone before yourself, there is no time or space for you, if you take that time, you feel guilty, there is so much to do….busy busy busy! I totally 100% get it, I’ve been there, the weight creeps on, the overwhelm builds, the poor habits form, you become busy but inactive and there we are, you no longer feel good in your own skin.  Prioritising yourself would be selfish right?

I took some time out from teaching fitness when I had the kids and then my sister decided she was getting married and it was mission wedding for the bride and bridesmaids. At the request of the bridal party, I started teaching again.  I regained my energy and my love for fitness and the weight began to drop off. This was around 8 years ago and despite losing weight and getting fitter (we all did and we all looked lovely for the wedding), I still did not have the nutrition nailed, I was still meeting myself coming back and the exercise wasn’t quite right for the goals that I had and this real journey of mine is what led to Thrive.

I knew then that women needed more, giving them exercise classes was great but it wasn’t really helping them live their best healthiest, happiest lives. I recognised though my own experience and from talking to my clients that what they really needed was help with Mindset, Nutrition, Activity and Support.  Together, these 4 pillars help women achieve optimum wellbeing.

I would be very rich if I had a pound for every time one of my members said that they wish they could wave a magic wand and feel amazing.  We know that there isn’t a magic wand but I have worked hard to create the magic formulae for you and through trial and error, I know exactly what works to get results.  I have made it my mission to share this with as many women as I can so that they can enjoy the same success as so many others. 

It can be done, trust me, if I can do it anyone can. Your journey is unique to you and that’s what we can help you create so that you can lead a Thrive life forever.


How do I describe myself? A mum, wife, stepmum, working parent, sport enthusiast who loves to eat nice food and spend time outdoors, preferably in the sunshine! My new hobby – empowering women to find their true selves and give them the tools to live their own Thrive life!

I have experienced a very interesting journey in the last two to three years…. You see the thing is, I have been tirelessly trying to figure out what is ‘wrong’ with me, so I can ‘fix it’.

I have been wired for pretty much my whole life to work hard, be successful, have financial security, take no risks, make sacrifices and if you get time, have a bit of fun… I have realised with my learning, training, almost 20 years coaching people in the corporate world and spending hours soul searching that I have been looking in the wrong places all along. I see now that happiness is an inside job.... that you need to listen to your gut and your heart and take the calculated risks to be truly happy and constantly looking for the next thing or dwelling too much on the past and beating yourself up, that life is passing you by…

So as an achieving woman, I have achieved many things – I am a successful business woman, I have a gorgeous child and wonderful husband and recently two puppies! I have a roof over my head and an incredible extended family and friend network. However, I haven’t always realised how fortunate and therefore how grateful I should be for my life.

Today, I am a different person; for sure I am working progress, but I finally ‘get it’ – what life is about, my purpose, but more importantly I have found root causes to my behaviours and beliefs – without this level of understanding, I realise that we are just papering over the cracks (which is why typical diet & fitness plans don’t work!)

Now I am so determined to help women understand how to understand themselves and in turn love themselves more, look after themselves better and not put themselves through the unnecessary pain I have for years- it is totally brought on by myself- I have a wonderful family, husband and I am now using the tools I have learned to get out of my own way from having the life I want!

If any of this resonates with you, come and see what we are all about.

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